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1,000+ 5 star Reviews

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{I worked with Your Next Jump to help develop my resume for an EMT job posting after finishing school. I was new to the workforce and hadn’t ever needed a resume before so I didn’t know where to start. They were great at asking questions and making my experience all fit together and make sense while marketing me well for my job. I’ve been here for 3 months now and I love it. Thanks, YNJ!"
Chris S.
Chicago, IL
{The current job market has left me feeling quite discouraged and lost as to how to proceed with the job searching process. A short yet informative session with Tim very quickly and thankfully changed those sentiments! Tim provided many helpful resume, networking, and even some interviewing tips to help stand out in this larger than normal applicant pool. Everything I learned would be applicable for anyone at any career stage. Highly recommend!"
Elyssa N.
New York, NY
{No doubt, the best value for your money. You know how society tells you that for every 50 jobs you apply for, you will only hear back from some obscene number like 5, and of those 5, you'll only interview with 2? I haven't experienced that supposedly common phenomenon. It's the reverse for me, actually; of the jobs I apply for, only a select few don't respond. I attribute that to YNJ, 100%. They prepared me for the job market I'm competing in, and showed me how to be successful in getting interviews and job offers. Since I worked with YNJ, I have never interviewed for a job that I haven't gotten."
Evan S.
Washington, DC
{As a soon to be graduate, I wanted to make sure my resume stands out to recruiters and Talent Acquisition. Your Next Jump provided an amazing service helping me to create a strong resume ready for applications. They also updated my LinkedIn profile and provided career coaching. Your Next Jump offered amazing services that will help me in my job search process!"
Daniel F.
Washington, DC
{Such a wonderful service. I have not had to update my resume in years and the Next Jump Team was very helpful. Each change and suggestion was explained clearly and feedback was given quickly. Becky worked on my resume and LinkedIn page and both look clean and professional. It is clear that Your Next Jump takes pride in their work and is driven by the desire to help professionals come across as professionals. I am very happy with the services provided and will be recommending Your Next Jump to friends and family."
Elizabeth J.
Washington, DC
{RESULTS!! ...after using the new resume in job applications, I FINALLY started getting calls back for interviews and have received an offer! Thank you Tim, Tony and all the folks at Your Next Jump, I can't say enough about your professionalism, attention to detail and thoroughness from start to finish. Highly Recommend!!"
Tina S.
Nokesville, VA
{I highly recommend Your Next Jump for their career counseling services. As a recent MA graduate, Tim gave me practical advice on where to look for jobs who would hire recent grads and how to expand my network. He also suggested I obtain a new certification to receive better job offers, he told me where I could get it at a discounted rate of $10 (versus the company's $1500 course). They rewrote my resume and revamped my LinkedIn profile within just a few weeks. With their help, I have been able to attack my job search with a more organized and strategic approach. Their services are definitely worth the investment in your career. UPDATE 12/17: With my new certification recommended by Tim, I was able to land my dream job. He helped me switch from non-profit to for-profit in just 4 months!"
Kaitlin K.
McLean, VA
{I was leaving a company I had been at for 9 years, my resume was horribly out of date and I needed some serious guidance on navigating the job market. Your Next Jump did a great job with communication, I was able to provide detailed edits on my own timeline and my resume came out great. I got a new job with 20% higher pay at a major company within just a few months and I attribute it to my resume getting through all the HR robots and hitting all the right keywords. I can't recommend this service enough!"
Julie B.
{This is an amazing service. I was recently laid off and freaking out - during my job search I was getting calls from prospective employers but when it came to interviewing I would just bomb consistently. So I found Your Next Jump online. I told them the situation, they understood, and created a one-on-one session with me. It was really helpful. They helped me strategize how to present myself. This was very helpful, and I'm glad I went. Thank you guys."
Jules C.
New York, NY
{How can a company have so many 5-star reviews? It seems a little over-the-top! Well... My review is long overdue. I used Your Next Jump in November shortly after deciding to retire from the federal government. At the time, I had a 14-page monstrosity of a resume and no LinkedIn page. I contacted YNJ and hired them to help me. I just completed my first week at a job that pays 100 times more than YNJ's service charges. I would not have been able to land this job without YNJ's help. How is that for a return on investment?"
Clifford G.
Manassas, VA
{For the first time in eight years, I am attempting a professional change. Since this past May, though, I had no success in the job hunt - no callbacks, and only one second resume review. My resume was part of the problem and in need of an update. Becky not only overhauled my resume, but explained why she made the necessary changes. She is very knowledgeable on the current job search strategies, and I learned much from the process. I am more confident now that I will get a foot in the door with my resume and hopefully then a new job. Thank you Becky!"
Amanda O.
Fairfax, VA
{I had a great experience working with Your Next Jump. I didn't know what to expect going into the process, but was really pleased with the outcome. It was super easy to communicate about my resume with their feedback, comments, and questions via email and I liked how they incorporated details that I had overlooked. They really made me examine my experiences to highlight milestones and achievements. My resume and LinkedIn look great now and that professional photo was necessary! Thanks to everyone at YNJ!"
Alexa L.
New York, NY

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