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1,000+ 5 star reviews

{The current job market has left me feeling quite discouraged and lost as to how to proceed with the job searching process. A short yet informative session with Tim very quickly and thankfully changed those sentiments! Tim provided many helpful resume, networking, and even some interviewing tips to help stand out in this larger than normal applicant pool. Everything I learned would be applicable for anyone at any career stage. Highly recommend!"{
Elyssa N.
New York, NY
{No doubt, the best value for your money. You know how society tells you that for every 50 jobs you apply for, you will only hear back from some obscene number like 5, and of those 5, you'll only interview with 2? I haven't experienced that supposedly common phenomenon. It's the reverse for me, actually; of the jobs I apply for, only a select few don't respond. I attribute that to YNJ, 100%. They prepared me for the job market I'm competing in, and showed me how to be successful in getting interviews and job offers. Since I worked with YNJ, I have never interviewed for a job that I haven't gotten."{
Evan S.
Washington, DC
{As a soon to be graduate, I wanted to make sure my resume stands out to recruiters and Talent Acquisition. Your Next Jump provided an amazing service helping me to create a strong resume ready for applications. They also updated my LinkedIn profile and provided career coaching. Your Next Jump offered amazing services that will help me in my job search process!"{
Daniel F.
Washington, DC
{Such a wonderful service. I have not had to update my resume in years and the Next Jump Team was very helpful. Each change and suggestion was explained clearly and feedback was given quickly. Becky worked on my resume and LinkedIn page and both look clean and professional. It is clear that Your Next Jump takes pride in their work and is driven by the desire to help professionals come across as professionals. I am very happy with the services provided and will be recommending Your Next Jump to friends and family."{
Elizabeth J.
Washington, DC
{RESULTS!! ...after using the new resume in job applications, I FINALLY started getting calls back for interviews and have received an offer! Thank you Tim, Tony and all the folks at Your Next Jump, I can't say enough about your professionalism, attention to detail and thoroughness from start to finish. Highly Recommend!!"{
Tina S.
Nokesville, VA

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