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Dual We help military service members transition smoothly to their new careers.

“I don’t want to learn how to write a resume or build my LinkedIn profile in a seminar- I need someone who is skilled at resume writing to translate my military skills and experience into something civilian employers want and to actually write the resume and LinkedIn for me.”


Your Next Jump helps service members career
Your Next Jump helps service members from all branches effectively transition their careers from the military to the civilian world. Preparation begins well before terminal leave starts.

How We Prepare Service Members for Their Next Jump

Prepare Service Members for Their Next Jump
  • 5Effectively translate MOS and/or Branch roles and competencies into meaningful and equivalent skills and experience that civilian employers desire
  • 5Coach service members through the job search, networking, and interview process to help them land the best job possible
  • 5Build an online presence that is professional, understandable and attracts employers and recruiters
  • 5Create a personalized and clear plan of action to dominate the job search process

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